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Re: EDP and Repeater Use

> Från: "Chris Olden" <chrisolden@hotmail.com>

> Listers,
> I've just added a Repeater and(later this week) an EDP
> to my rack; and after reading the posts about both
> units over the past month, I've decided to use the EDP
> as the initial sampler, and the Repeater as the "net"
> to capture the post signal processed/mangled loop/s
> from the EDP. I'm also hoping to be able to re-route
> the Repeater signal back through my rack for yet more
> "abuse".
> Do any of you have any ideas/suggestions about other ways
> to approach this set-up?
> Thanks!
> Chris Olden

Hi Chris,

Here's a set-up I like:

The instrument signal (mostly electric guitar) goes into a POD. The POD L/R
goes into the repeater L/R inputs. The POD headphones (mono) goes into the
EDP, which has the MIX set all the way to "loop" (no direct signal). The
repeater "fx out" goes to a little mixer on two panned channels (stereo),
and the EDP loop goes there too, on one channel. I also bring a synth
(Oberheim Matrix-1000 played by midi guitar pickup) into this mixer (this
synth never gets recorded by the loopers). In the mixers fx loop is a
Lexicon reverb. The mixers L/R output goes into the repeater "fx in". The
repeater follows the EDP by midi clock sync.

Things I like with this set-up is:

- One L/R output summing up everything. Easy connecting to the stage box at
festivals. I can also play "silently" with head phones connected to the
- Easy recording an improvisation to DAT by the S/PDIF digital out of
- I can chose to send a repeater channel to the mixer for reverb, or 
it clean and dry.
- When some loops are spinning in the repeater I can mangle the EDP loops
even to different tempi and the repeater still catches up.

However, the EDP doesn't get recorded in the repeater, as you whished, when
put in the rptr fx loop like this. But I guess you could just daisy chain
them to achieve this.


Per Boysen