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Re: FW: EDP and Repeater Use

Neil Goldstein wrote:
> Original msg from Per:
> > EDP is the master clock. The cool thing is that you can stop 
>everything a
> > long press on the rec pedal while playing an "instrument fill".
> This is actually the coolest idea I've heard yet in using these in 

> The thing I have yet to grasp is how the EDP interprets tempo when it is 
> clock master. Is there anything on the manual on that?  What is 
>considered a
> bar or a time signature or tempo when your EDP loop is 3, 10 or 30 
> And how does the RPTR interpret this?

the 8th parameter is the key to sync out:the value equals the nb of 8th
notes that the initial cycle will spit out: want to play a short cycle 1
quarter note long 
1- set 8th :2 
2- play something
3-record during 1 quarter note
4-plex loops 1 quarter and sequencer started
5-Multiply, insert , whatever

a very long cycle set 8th:16 then record during a 2 measures cycle

in the next upgrade you'll be able to manipulate tempo and remote
control a sequencer completly in incredible ways

> > Interesting! I'm planning to do it your way when recording this rig 
> > Logic. But I will also try out the other way; syncing Logic as well to 
> > EDP master clock while recording both audio and tempo changes. I like 
> > idea of  starting off improvisations on the "human side", byt still 
> > the possibility to ad stuff later in Logic - then hard synced to the
> > improvised tempo changes.
> I've been in an instant-gratification rut recording loops synced to drum
> machines, but the few times I've done it free has been very gratifying.
> I'm a Logic user too. Please share what you find. That sounds like a
> powerful approach.
> One of the (good :-) problems I have is figuring out the best way to set 
> all my midi instruments via my long-ago-maxed-out Midi Time Piece (daisy
> chaining the rest). One of the reasons I ask so many questions rather 
> just experimenting is that I'm trying to figure out what additional 
> I need, or best way to route my existing hardware. I may stick the 
> directly in the MTP and let the synths be daisy chained after hearing 
> these pros/cons!

the most important thing is to filter out to death any
message,channel,realtime,sys etc out that is not relevant to each
separate receiver 
almost each of my midi receiving devices are on theyr midi chanel and
physical separate line
for that I still use the excellent opcode 8portse 8 in/out 

Claude (synced/syncing edp abuser)