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Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?

>i wish ebow would make a unit that could vibrate any number of
>strings...like, ummm...a little over-the-strings unit with one button for
>each guitar string...that way you could do chords.  if they made that, i'd
>buy it in a heartbeat.

T'would sound cool, but something that achieves a similar effect (without 
one button per string - just use your fingers to mute unwanted strings) 
would be the Sustainiac Model B:


Yes, they say it's out of production but they also say they're working on 
replacement model.

Aside from that, get a vibrator (yeah, THAT kind of vibrator) and use it 
like an Ebow.  Try whacking the strings with brushes, pencils, etc. or 
bowing them with a slide (Adrian Belew), metal rod (Daevid Allen of Gong), 
or something else.  Mess around with the guitar, see what you come up 
I saw one guy even get sounds by holding up an HP calculator to the 


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