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Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?

paolo said:

>Aside from that, get a vibrator (yeah, THAT kind of vibrator) and use it
>like an Ebow.  Try whacking the strings with brushes, pencils, etc. or
>bowing them with a slide (Adrian Belew), metal rod (Daevid Allen of Gong),
>or something else.  Mess around with the guitar, see what you come up 
>I saw one guy even get sounds by holding up an HP calculator to the 
i use all that, sometimes:
small radios, microcassette players, a vibrator, and two (switchable) mics 
built into my guitars:
good fun.
i built a funky mechanical (motor-driven, polyphonic) bowing device to be 
placed over the strings of my kikuyae (trans: chrysanthemum harp).
plenty of useful (and not so useful) exploration still to be done, i 
if ya don't feel like going the more 'standardised' routes.....
dt / splattercell