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Unlimited budget (was Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?)

Did I hear you say you budget was...UNLIMITED??

WELL...Here's what I'd do (consider this a challenge):
!st: Install a KYMA sytem from Symbolic Sound; it's a hardware processor 
uses either a Mac or PC as the interface, but has its own audio and MIDI 
for latency-free realtime audio processing. Besides allowing virtually 
unlimited realtime fx chains with every conceivable aspect modulatable by 
virtually anything and having a timeline-based operating system so that 
was a delay/multifx chain a moment ago is now morphing into a rack of 
granular and analog synths (with plenty of juice left for fx on top of 
it also can use any aspect of your audio input signal to drive its endless 
synthesis engines, including pitch, volume, etc (real guitar synthesis at 
last)...oh, and list-member Dennis Leas is currently deep into a project 
designing dream-world emulations of all know looping devices for KYMA, and 
will stream any-size samples to and from a hard drive in real time. This 
the ULTIMATE dsp toy under 5 or 6 grand (see below, Italoop; sorry, VSig 
can't compare...also, I'm assuming there's something unspeakably cool if 
wanna dump 10 to 20 grand or more in one place; I just don't know what it 
is...), and it's only $3300 for a base system, but you'll want to add at 
least a Motor Mix or two with motorized faders for hands-off control;
2nd: Add an Eventide Orville, or at least an Eclipse or two, for those 
unparalleled spacey Eventide harmonies, delays, and reverbs;
3rd: Pick up a Kurzweil KSP8, which reads like an ultimate version of the 
beloved old Ensoniq DP4, which was very cool, but suffered from noisy 
modulation; online samples of Kurzweil processing will make your mouth 
water...check their site;
4th: to drive all this bliss machinery, a custom-made guitar or two each 
RMC transducers for driving Roland VG processors and Axon or Yamaha MIDI 
interfaces (more for MIDI continuous fx-parameter control than to drive 
synths, you understand...) and Sustainiac or Sustainer circuitry for those 
EBow moments...Hmmm, I think one of these would be a baritone from either 
Timtone, Citron, Villette or Turner (oh, hell...one each, please) driving 
this new VG for Bass from Roland (to supplement my remote-controlled, 
sound-proof room full of tube amps and mics);
5th: I'd need a custom (Bradshaw?) foot controller, of course; and...
6th: for mixing, monitoring, and recording all this, I'd need a 
to route and switch anything to anything, a Yamaha or Roland digital 
mixer/daw w/CD-recorder, and a few Waves L2 hardware limiters and Avalon 
Grace preamps to keep everything tidy and rich level-wise...
then I'd rest...