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Re: Unlimited budget (was Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?)

>alright...so i don't really want to have to rack-mount a computer...sorry,
>no can do.  kyma sounds REALLY fantastic, though...

For Kyma, get a the cheapest laptop you can find with a FireWire port. 
Portability issue solved.

>i'm trying to avoid midi all-together, since the tracking seems to be hit 
>miss among users...or are the axon units really worth the $$$?  having 
>capabilities would really open things up, possibility-wise.

One way to avoid tracking problems with MIDI guitar is to use your true 
guitar sound as the source "waveform", fed into an effects processor that 
takes MIDI continuous controller messages or a synth with audio input 
MIDI note number controls LFO speed, MIDI velocity controls delay time... 
MIDI note number controls chorus width and MIDI velocity controls synth 
envelope parameters... or... you get the idea).  Result: NO tracking 
problems because that's your real guitar sound you're hearing, processed 
synth or effects unit.


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