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Re: Unlimited budget (was Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?)

Hey, me too! I have a Roland GI-10 that puts out midi
notes &, I assume, midi velocity info. None of my
multi-fx gear responds to these type messages. Is 
there a midi mapper that would convert both notes &
velocity into midi cc (at the same time)?


--- Jimmy Fowler <jimfowler@prodigy.net> wrote:
> pardon my ignorance, but how exactly would i go
> about configuring the
> aforementioned setup?  what units specifically, etc.
> jim
> "One way to avoid tracking problems with MIDI guitar
> is to use your true
> guitar sound as the source "waveform", fed into an
> effects processor that
> takes MIDI continuous controller messages or a synth
> with audio input (e.g.
> MIDI note number controls LFO speed, MIDI velocity
> controls delay time... or
> MIDI note number controls chorus width and MIDI
> velocity controls synth
> envelope parameters... or... you get the idea). 
> Result: NO tracking
> problems because that's your real guitar sound
> you're hearing, processed by
> synth or effects unit."

John Tidwell

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