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Re: Percussive Loopers

yup!  weee!

korg wavedrum
electrix repeater
t.c m-one
alesis air one
lexicon vortex
electrix filter factory
electrix mofx
behringer fcb1010

it's rather absurd, actually.  but i'm almost to the point where
i'm going to try taking this gig out, open mics or busking or
something. been taking me a while to figure out how i want the
connections to work, and to program the 1010 i just got with
some useful banks.  lately i've just been using the m-one and
air one in the effects send of the repeater, and it's been just
lovely.  the more crap i try to plug in, the more hassle it is
to use it, i've found.  although i think i'll have to squeeze
the vortex in there somewhere.  for asynchronous looping, if
nothing else.  i REALLY like midi snych between the m-one and
repeater.  num.  i've also been thinking it might be fun to get
another wavedrum (somehow!) so that i could have a low/high
pitched pair of tablas or something.  scary.  help!


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From: "Alan Barnard" <alan@barnardesign.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 9:08 AM
Subject: Percussive Loopers

> Hi,
> Anybody out there doing any *real-time* looping with either
acoustic or
> electronic drums/percussion?
> Here's my set-up:
> 2/Zendrums  ( http://www.zendrum.com )
> Alesis DM-Pro
> Repeater
> Behringer FCB1010
> Alan
> _________________________
> Alan Barnard
> BarnarDesign
> http://www.barnardesign.com
> alan@barnardesign.com