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Racking, definitely ON-TOPIC!!

for years i have worked with separate racks/mixer systems. this all ended 
year, after i saw ambient/texturalist Klaus Schulze's infamous "Quasimidi 
as he calls it. i realised long ago that i was spending too long setting 
up, as
it takes me 20 minutes to get ready for a gig with my Hammond rig and 1-3 
to get ready for an electro gig!

i believe that a live-performance rack must be at sight/hand level, not
necessarily at an angle, just tall enough you don't need to bend over to 
look at
stuff. my rig is here: http://www.suitandtieguy.com/gallery_010502.htm in
several of the pictures. i have 2 10-space rack areas with space in the 
for my mixer, which i didn't use because the way i mounted it originally 
was too
ghetto for public consumption. it's a frame about 57 inches wide and about 
inches tall or so. when i get to the gig i put it on a _very_ heavy duty
keyboard stand.

for Mark Hamburg i would suggest maybe a 24-space side-by-side rack, which 
two 12-space racks in the same enclosure. AND the table. tables are great 
to have as an electronic musician.

i need to build a new rack ... i'm thinking a frame 15 spaces high by 3 
units wide. i'm getting a second Z1, so i want to get the drum machines up 
the rack. yeah it's gonna be ridiculous.

Eric Williamson