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Re: Voretex (was Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?)

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Louis Rossi wrote:
> I'm curious to know where vortex users position their unit..
> Pre or Post Looping device?  Mixer send, amp effects loop etc etc..
> Cheers
> Lou

My guitar has two sets of pickups, so these two chains are running in 

Guitar (magnetic pickups) -> Compressor -> Distortion -> Vortex -> 
-> Mixer -> Amp

Guitar (piezo pickups) -> Compressor -> Vortex -> Mixer -> Amp

The benefit to putting the looper (essentially) last is that I can loop 
affected sounds, then lay down sounds affected in entirely different ways 
top.  Granted it'd be nice to have some post-loop processing capabilities, 
but if I can only pick one, it'd have to be pre-loop.

I really wish the Boomerang was stereo or that I could somehow link two 
together.  My loops really miss the bright clean sound from the piezos, 
the mags give me more sonic possibilities so they get looped.  I guess 
soon be time to graduate to and EDP or Repeater.