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Re: eventide general question

Title: Re: eventide general question
At 1:00 PM -0500 2/4/02, Dennis Leas wrote:

I suppose it depends on what "most powerful hardware FX processor" means.

Apples and oranges. We're in the realm of marketing-speak. If the goal is to be strictly accurate then we have to be rigorous in our comparisons AND our vocabulary.

In raw processor power, clearly a Kyma system is tops with 28 DSPs versus 2 on the Orville. 

Although just the number of DSPs isn't an accurate metric in many cases (the chips' capabilities may vary) in this case you're probably right. The Capybara 320 uses 80 MHz Motorola DSP-56309 DSPs; a fully-loaded system is rated at 4.48 billion operations per second (BIPS or GIPS). Eventide uses a mixed bag of both Motorola and proprietary chips, but I believe they're using two 56303s (roughly equivalent to the 56309).

On the other hand, the Eventide units can function standalone while Kyma requires an attached computer. 

That would probably make it the "most powerful standalone hardware FX processor."

Then there's the DRE-S777.  It does reverb modelling based on near realtime
convolution.  This feat is unequaled by *any* other device that I know of.
Perhaps that makes it "most powerful hardware FX processor"?

That would probably make it the "most powerful convolution-based hardware reverberation processor."

Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202