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the FRONTMANULATOR and drum machines that improvise

Neil Goldstein wrote:

"Wasn't there the Oberheim Drummer that kinda did that?"

There might have been Neil,  but nothing compared to the FRONTMANULATOR 
I developed
for EMU systems in the mid 1980's.

They sampled my voice for this ground breaking piece of equipment that 
interact with even the most
unruly of audiences:

"What a beautiful audience we have hear in ____"
____San Francisco
____ Boston
____New York
etc. etc.

"This next song is for the lovely ladies in the audience"

"Please don't spill beer on the guitarists footpedals"

"This is a loving tribute cover of ________"
________the Beatles
________the Rolling Stones
________Lothar and the Hand People

"Please put that gun down, sir, you've just had a little too much to drink"

"We don't know Freebird, sorry, but you might enjoy this amusing Alvin and
the Chipmunks number"

and other appropriate phrases.

It is too bad that EMU pulled the plug on this first interactive, sampling
machine.................oh well.

yours,  Rick  "Elvis has left the building"  Walker