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Behringer Processor with sampler

the new Behringer Virtualizer 2024 (Reviewed)

Loopy functions 

A stereo delay with L & R sides independantly adjustable from .01s to 5.5s.
100% feedback. (previous Behringer models wouldn't do 100%.
Good clear sounding delays.

A Sampler (5s stereo)
You can record onto 5s of memory.
If you go past the 5s, you overwrite from the beginning again.
You can play back any section of that memory, at normal speed or 2 octaves 
or down (although the pitch resolution is poor, only octaves are musically 
Playback is looped forward, looped backward, or for a selectable number of 
The interesting thing is that you can do playback and record 
even when playing at a different speed reversed!!!
You can also edit the loop length non destructively while looping, as 
playback is between start and end points which are editable (although you 
always record onto the full 5s)
Right now I have the radio playing into this, I'm hearing a short loop, 
content of which changes every 5s.

Non-loop stuff includes......................................

0.6s echo with filtered repeats.

A very passable selection of reverbs, mellow sounding and tweakable enough 
for special FX

Filters with LFO or envelope control, quite good quality. (useful)

Compressors,Gates, De-Esser, Enharncers etc. 

Three note harmoniser, digi-sound but glitch free.

Naff Vocoder (but has its own noise source, so good for electropercussion 
sounds triggered from guitar)

Flangers, Choruses , Phasers , tremolos, autopans, vibrato. The chorus is 
very lush. These are generally  tweakable into bizarreness.

A resonator, with LFO or envelope control. (tweakable into madness)

Ring modulator (good ringing sound)

Various simulations :- scratchy Vinyl, guitar amps and speakers, tube 
distortion , fuzz.
There's even a dying valve amp, complete with spluttering valves and a 
accurately modelled 50Hz mains hum. (.....but why?)

This is a combination of the older Virtualizer and Modulizer. The 
is a favourite of mine( a collection of all the FX that get left out of 
multi-processors) and this has all those functions, but they have been 
improved quite a lot.
Sound quality is v.good.
The manual is a bit lacking, doesn't describe the functions very well.
The noise gate is called a "gated reverb"
The dying valve amp isn't mentioned.

Editing sounds is fairly easy from the front panel.
Build quality is excellent.
Midi controllable, and sends MIDI controls.
There's a slight physical hum from the transformer.

The price was 109  (GBP)
( so well under $200)

In five years time Rick Walker will pick one of these up at very reduced 
price, he will cover it with tacky sticky stuff, he will rave about it. 

andy butler