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Re: foot switch noise

yeah those clix are a big distraction-i remember when the <EH16DDL> came 
and the start/stop and the repeat buttons became part of the audio(yikes!)
the trick was to have the click come on the beat and then you could 
masquerade it.thank god that primitive technology has been eradicated...or
has it???

>>>> How loud are those switches? sometimes those big heavy-duty metal 
> also make a heavy-duty loud klunk when you press them. I notice that
> whenever I see people use the dl-4 in a quiet setting, or at the quiet
> moment just as they start recording a loop. The loud noise of the pedal 
> distracting.<<
> Gotta agree with Kim here - I'd LOVE to swap all the switches on my 
> and DL4 for the same sort as are on the EDP foot pedal... what's with the
> noise?????
> Steve 
> www.steve-lawson.co.uk