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RE: Cable my Ass


perhaps you wouldn't mind telling me (private mail?) if cables for DC
currents (the audio signals are in fact basically DC currents from an HF/RF
point of view) have a direction, and why. I have in fact heard stories 
cables which have a direction (these cables are for some obscure reason
called "isolators"), but the physical effect in question responsible for
this does not apply for DC or LF - in fact, the cables I've seen with this
property couldn't even be used to carry a DC current.

So, please, please, enlighten me - I swear I will not tell anyone from this


Rainer Straschill
Engineering Consultant
HF semiconductor technology, HF simulations

> you guys are cracking me up.
> the funniest ones are those who think they know what they
> are talking
> about
> and try to talk authoritatively about it. Such great
> imaginations! It is
> always such fun to listen in on people discussing your
> field of expertise.
> it happens the job i do in real life is called "signal integrity
> engineering" where I actually get paid reasonably well to
> know things
> about
> how to get electrical signals from point A to point B. In
> my case the
> frequencies are much higher than audio, but the laws of
> physics are the
> same. So I actually do know if cables can have direction or
> not, and why.
> But I'm not going to tell you. If I did I would miss out on
> some of these
> really funny theories!