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Re: Subharmonic Synth

I recently acquired the Peavey Kosmos subharmonic bass processor.  I am
principally using it on
my acoustic guitar rig for playing live.  I have a Jam Man in the signal
path, prior to the Kosmos.
I've never heard the DBX, but I imagine there are some similarities.  I
run the subwoofer output
of the Kosmos to a separate subwoofer amp and speaker.  My mains are
stereo - everything
starts with a Yamaha AG Stomp.  The Kosmos gives me what I want, a very
full sound and
at times I can imagine a bass player is jamming along, but you must be
very careful with it.
When recording, be sure you check your output with some different
speaker systems because
it is easy to overdrive the bass and start your speakers
fluttering.....  and if this problem is looped,
it will only become that much more obvious.  It is probably safer to run
the ouput of your looper
into such devices, rather than have the bass processing permanently laid
into your loops,
particularly if you plan to save one of your gems.

Todd Madson wrote:

> I distinctly remember seeing the then Frank Zappa band circa 1981
> which had Scott Thunes on bass play a his Carvin 4-string through
> a DBX subharmonic synthesizer at different points during the concert.
> Imagine a synth bass on steroids (sort of like doubling electric
> and synth bass but playing the same lines) and you get the idea.
> Anyway, I was wondering just how massive a sound you'd get looping
> it.  Huge monolithic glaciers of sound.
> I imagine any sound you'd put through it would then have an octave
> below line for your amusement.