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4/19 Show of music from field recordings in SF

Hi there,

I'll be presenting two intricately composed pieces of music created 
from field recordings at this event.

---------- 964 NATOMA EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT : APRIL 19, 2002 ----------

Field Effects 3: a night of beauty made by the world

Friday, April 19
964 Natoma, San Francisco, CA, USA
Doors 8:00 pm, performance 8:30 pm sharp.

$6-10 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.

----> Event Description <-----------------------------------------------

The world makes music, remember to listen.

Field Effects 3 offers a night of prepared field recording compositions.

The third in an ongoing series of concerts showcasing sound artists who
work with found and quiet sounds, Field Effects 3 focuses on precomposed
work (or 'tape music'). Work in this tradition is usually too complex,
subtle or exacting to permit live 'performance.' At the same time, it is
precisly these qualities that prevent it from being well reproduced in
casual listening environments, where attention wanders and often only
two speakers are available.

For Field Effects 3, each work will be presented in person by the artist
and tuned live to the space, high quality sound system, multiple
speakers, and shared listening experience. The artists will also be
available to answer questions about their work.

Come out for a rare night of comfortable, communal deep listening!

Field Effects 3 will feature sound work by artists steve roden, j. frede, 
Leticia Castaneda, Matt Davignon and Aaron Ximm (Quiet American).

----> About the artists: <----------------------------------------------

  steve roden (LA)

   steve roden will present 'resonant cities,' a recent 45 minute work
   composed for kunst radio, and made up entirely of field recordings
   from cities around the world. the work explores roden's interest in
   the resonant wonders of intimate activities - a woolen scarf moving
   against a glass window in japan, a child kicking a tin can in greece
   coat hangers in a motel room closet in phoenix, the wind on parking
   lot lamp posts in palm springs...  the work attempts to downplay the
   location-specific and the exotic aspect of the source material in
   order to achieve something closer to abstraction - to a purer
   listening experience that allows one to focus on the sound rather
   than the source.

   steve roden is a visual and sound artist from los angeles. he has
   recently shown his visual work at the UCLA Hammer Museum of Art and
   will create a large scale site specific sound installation for the
   Stadgalerie Museum in Saarbrucken, Germany in September.


  Leticia Castaneda (LA)

    Leticia Castaneda is interested in the sound that remains when the
    mind shuts off. Her work is composed from moments of extreme
    external confusion and/or deep innate clarity, which are combined
    to build a dramatic pause of time and sound. The intent is to reveal
    the process of integrating the things one cannot control: like a
    society bombarded within technological ambivalence; or the attempt
    to be quiet, though surrounded by existence.

  j. frede (LA)

    j.frede creates subtle listening environments using multiple cd
    players and very small speakers. He is currently working with
    field recordings of natural and urban environments, sine wave
    frequencies, and digital compositions built using acoustic sounds.
    Frede's work is always informed by the acoustic space it is
    presented in.

    j.frede has performed at festivals around the world, and his work
    has been presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver,
    the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Fisk Planetarium.


  Matt Davignon (Oakland)

    Matt Davignon uses handheld cassette recorders to collect sounds
    from the San Francisco Bay Area. Primarily an improvisationalist,
    for Field Effects 3 Matt will present meditative compositions
    that reveal hidden nuances of our common soundscape through the
    careful application of specific processes.

    http://www.mp3.com/field_recordings (Tape Recorder)

  Quiet American (SF)

    Field Effects host Aaron Ximm intends his Quiet American project to
    remind us to listen to the music made by the world. Sounds from
    his journeys around the world will be fragmented and juxtaposed to
    emphasize the telling, lovely or unexpected moments we so often
    forget to hear. For this evening, Aaron will introduce new work
    composed from sound form his recent travels in Asia.


The Field Effects series showcases artists who are interested in framing
the hidden beauty of the everyday world: beauty on the surface, awaiting
our attention. Beauty that must be delicately extracted. And beauty in
potential, awaiting juxtaposition, collage, repetition and mutilation.

Field recordings are made out in the world, not the studio. Fair game:
machines, animals, weather, vehicles, buskers, hawkers, hawks, preachers, 
telephones, taxis, and the mad. (Things have voices: do you hear?)

Seating mostly on futons to encourage comfortable deep listening.

Depending on weather, hot or cold drinks will be available.

----> Venue Info <------------------------------------------------------

964 Natoma
   (between 10th and 11th, and Mission and Howard)
San Francisco, CA 94103

A few blocks from Civic Center BART. One block from Market & Van Ness.

Bike parking inside.

Questions?  Contact Aaron at ghede@well.com.

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