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Fretless guitar guys in Seattle...

>>>Night Of The Fretless Guitar: Ned Evett, Tom Baker and Franck Vigroux
7:30PM, Saturday April 6th
Seattle Circle House (603 NW 65th Street), Seattle WA

The Seattle Circle is very pleased to present a special performance by Ned
Evett (Boise), Tom Baker (Seattle) and Franck Vigroux (France) on Saturday,
April 6th. All three musicians will be performing on fretless guitars, in
both solo and ensemble contexts. And, there will be looping.<<<

Can I just throw in a quick endorsement for both Franck and Ned's fretless
playing (not heard Tom, but he might be fantastic as well... :o) - I've got
a trio with Franck and a hand percussionist from near Paris, he's a fab
musician, very creative indeed. Ned is also very good - gigs with a
Boomerang often, and plays a rather unique fretless with a glass 
- he recently opened for John Scofield.

Definitely one not to miss,