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RE: Subharmonic Synth (Virtualizer)

Hi Mathias,
I was the one who started this thread, not understanding how these devices
work , and if they might be interesting to try on things like vocalizations
that have very wet effects applied to them.   I guess I'm still somewhat
unclear on the capabilities of these tools.
The impression I now have is that both the kosmos and the dbx120 analyze 
incoming material and more or less synthisize audio that is an octave below
the lowest(determined by some algorithm?) sounds of the incoming material.
The kosmos does this stereo image enhancement thing, but most reviewers are
not that impressed with that effect.
Not sure exactly what the Polysubass can do, and if its a standalone
processor like the others.

I remain intersted in a device that might work as the dbx does, but perhaps
also operate into a higher freq range without making the result muddy, etc.
I'd like to use it for Stick and vocalizations - both with other effects
applied to them, which could include pitch shifting.  Would one of these
units do this?  modifications required?


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From: Matthias Grob [mailto:matthias@grob.org]
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 1:36 PM
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Subject: Re: Subharmonic Synth (Virtualizer)


I did not finish my idea here:
>  >  You say: "only works on the lowest notes."

I wanted to ask whether it can really find the one lowest note (as
Polysubbass) or just a low range (like dbx120 and such). In other
words, if you feed it with two low notes, does it put out the
woomering mix of the two or just the octave of the lower one?

>  >  I hardly ever switch my Polysubbass off. Does this unit allow to
>>   combine it with most other effects?
>It has a Low Pass Filter before the sub-oct generator.
>which just produces a synth tone,
>without even an envelope
>very effective, although you can't get just the sub-oct

This you may not have understood either: Its about the ability of the
unit to generate several effects at once. If it can only creat the
low bass with a special patch and no other effect simultaneously, its
not so interesting, because some one like me would have to carry the
thing arround just for the bass.
Ideally, it should be always on plus any other effect chosen ;-)
Or at least Bass and Reverb.

Thank you!

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org