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Re: Adrenalinn - more info please

--- Neil Goldstein <ngold@attbi.com> wrote:
> http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/products/adrenalinn.shtml#video
> Roger demos it, plays some cool gtr too. 

Very impressive demo! Made ME want to go buy one (and I wasn't even
lookin). I went home and experimented with the LFO controlled filters
(phase shift) in the GP-16 and it sounded totally lifeless and bogus in
comparison. I was thinking about getting a POD to front-end my looping
rig, but now I'm seriously considering an Adrenalinn instead.

>From previous posts, I know Mark S. has one of these. Perhaps others
too. Could you give us more "real world" thoughts on the Adrenalinn? 

How good are the amp sims? They seem to work for Roger's playing, but
that doesn't necessarily say much for anyone else's playing.

Obviously it's got the infamous mono-in/stereo-out issue, are there any
other potential setup headaches?

The interface looks pretty intuitive, but it seems odd to me that
they'd do it up as a foot pedal instead of a rackmount unit. How
sturdy/roadworthy do you thing it is?

> just doin my part to keep the gear lust workin' for the list...

Yeah. Thanks a bunch...


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