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Re: Line 6 Purple Filter Modeler

Title: Re: Line 6 Purple Filter Modeler
on 3/16/02 6:17 PM, PJBMHB@aol.com at PJBMHB@aol.com wrote:

Anyone have one of these? How are they? thanks, PJ

I own one and I love it.  The different q-tron/mu tron sounds rock.  I think they're about as good or better than the q-trons and mu-trons out now.  Tweaking it is a bit of a problem, though.  The controls are relative to how you saved the patch so you might get a little frustrated trying to dial up the same tone you did the day before.  Just save it when you get it and you'll have a lot more fun.  
Some sounds can be pretty harsh on one instrument but sound really good on another.