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Re: Peavey [makes VERY nice basses]

>Just thought I'd chime in to say I LOVE MY PEAVEY CIRRUS 5, (WALNUT &
>WENGE). If you haven't played these basses, DO SO !. They sell for
>$1300-$1500, and play like $3000-$4000 instruments. Even my buddies who 
>a Ken Smith & Fodera basses love my Cirrus (although I couldn't convince
>them to trade with me).
>Other than that, I can also say that I owned a PV power amp that kicked
>serious ass and was VERY reasonably priced. I wasn't getting alot of use 
>of it though, so I sold it to Dan Ash (hi Dan) a while back.
>Bottom Line....ain't nuthin wrong with PV. (except it's sometimes hard to
>find the dealers, cause they usually ignore the big chains and focus on 
>Mom & Pop stores....and that's by their choice too)

I played a Peavey 6-string bass recently that was very very nice, 
though the fingerboard was not to my taste (too wide for my dinky 
hands), it was clearly a very well built and playable instrument. I 
also own the PC-1600 and SPAF filter, and they're both quite useful, 
nothing magical, but they do what the should and I wouldn't be 
without them. A studio I work at has their tube mic pre, and it's 
also nice.
Dave Trenkel                                New and Improv Music
http://www.newandimprov.com         improv@peak.org