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re[2]: Chords (was Adrenalinn)

hmm, the impression i've been under (due to music history classes in 
college) is:

1.  bach did not have a "chordal" language to work with, he worked with 
interweaving melodies (to say the least)....he did not think in major and 
minor triads. (at least not verticaly...i believe that intervals were 
considered important as they were presented in melodic lines (doctrine of 

2.  the "music theory" that we are exposed (subjected) to in music school 
is really rameau's analysis (100 years later) of what bach did 
naturally...the chord progressions, no paralell 5ths, contrary movement 
are all "rules" set up to emulate what bach's intuition and ear made him 
do instinctavly.

3.  it really is a testament to bach's genius that his work was so in tune 
with "nature" (the physics of sound) and the overtone series....these 
structures of sound were seemingly transparent to bach, and he intuitively 
was able to make "nature speak through music".

please correct me where i'm wrong...some other time, i'll post some of my 
own "theory of modern music" ideas.