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RE: Chords (was Adrenalinn)

Title: RE: Chords (was Adrenalinn)

It makes particular sense that chorales would be largely homophonic,
making it easier for a congregation to sing and keeping florid
polyphonic complexities from obscuring the text. Of course Bach
turned even that relatively "serviceable" form into sophisticated art.

** yeah, and i was wondering if there is some correlation between that and the fact that the singin started to get away from the more "priestly" caste and more into the concgregation at large - - and then whether that had something to do with the move away from "nobility?royalty" and toward burgeoning merchant/middle class in the late renaissance and so forth.

Although I think it's interesting to trace artistic developments and
say that "so-and-so" did "such-and-such" and influenced
"what's-his-face," one thing I've noticed is that creative artists
(and other thinkers) often come up with ideas that subsequently lie
fallow. Sometimes these ideas are found again and serve as
inspiration to others; sometimes they are independently invented by
others and have to be considered as precursors rather than as direct

** well don't you think a lot of that can come down to people who may not have had the success of someone like beethoven, so their ideas weren't really recognized?

Trying to figure out which is which is part of the fun of
scholarship, and it can lead either to great aesthetic revelations or
to interminable and pointless arguments. It's not always easy to
figure out which is which.

** sometimes stuff is just in the air - - it's the onslaught of history???


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