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re[2]: Human drummer:oxymoron?

if you talk to the ppl at electrix, they will tell you that the audio-sync 
function is really just for taking loops, and not for syncing recorded 
loops to an audio source.  my experiments (with the audio out from drum 
machines, not human drummers), seem to indicate that the repeater (in this 
mode) is speeding up and slowing down a little durring recording (it's 
probably easier to hover around the tempo than to nail it exactly...and 
not all rhythmic loops are consistent in tempo throughout their duration). 
 if i try to sync the other drum machines (via midi) to the repeater 
syncing to a drum machine audio output, the tempo drifts up and down a 
little.  with ambient loops, it seems acceptable (although i haven't done 
this enough to figure out when it sonds bad), with drum machines and 
rhythmic loops, its drag down and catch up.

it would be a nice feature on a future os to have a more solid tempo base 
from an audio source, preferably on one of the inputs, and be able to 
record loops from the other input (ie, it would be super cool to set up a 
mic in a drum circle to sync to the beat, and play/record loops live while