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Accu Groove

I received my pair of Accu Groove El Whappos today!

WOW! It's like being able to see with your ears!

I hooked up my drum machine and just tried to listen...

At first I was like...

"Where is this high end I love and expect and was told was there"?

My ears quickly adjusted...

I have been classically conditioned to think that if I don't hear hiss, then there is no high end...

I could not believe the crystal clear bell tone harmonics were there without that hiss!

It was like the first time you get to have sex without a condom!

I hooked the drum machine back up so I could again concentrate and then I had my mind really blown!

I was listening and thinking ...

What the heck?

The 12" is way too prominent!

All of a sudden, a low frequency hip hop kick drum dropped through and I could audibly see that the frequencies were directed to certain speakers.

So, the 12" wasn't annoying it was just that the particular drum seemed monotonous and horribly e q Ed due to the former compensation I must have had to do to make it sound good through those "OTHER" guys speakers...

Now, one more thing ... This system defies "HEADROOM" there is no need for the word and it means nothing when it comes to my pair of Accu Groove "El Whappos"! i

It would be a waste of time to speak of.

It would be like trying or caring how far across the universe is!

And even better ... the customer service at Accu Groove is the same way!

Oh yah, these definitely open up the clarity of hearing my low F# on my NINE string bass! (23 Hertz)

What an amazing day!

I feel like a blind person regaining their vision only to find a spectacular landscape before them!

And I haven't even run my bass through a pre-amp YET!

You gotta go take a look at these cabs @ www.accugroove.com (You'll find me in the links section there as well!) I would strongly suggest you RUN, don't walk, to get a chance to hear yourself play through these cabs!

And let me just say, "you get what you pay for!"

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