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Re: O.T. Computers

> Whats the best bang for the buck? I

Essentially last year's technology is the best b for b.
Buy the latest gear, and you pay much more,
then see it drop in value very fast.

SCSI disks are supposed to be the best, but now the 
IDE disks are easily good enough, and are cheaper 
and more importantly quieter.
Also, the faster the disk spins, the louder it is,
and the "slower" Hard Drives  these days are quite 
fast enough.
(unless you want to record 24 tracks at once).
...but do get the largest capacity disk you can.

Fast processors will help if you want to use a lot
of FX plug-ins and Soft-Synths, otherwise anything
will do.

A lot of noise comes from the power supply fan, 
and the fan on the processor, (beware!)

Noise is generally a problem, best to take 
it into consideration right from the start.

Like the guys say, lots of RAM is good.

Don't even bother checking out PC Multimedia speakers!

...and go to someone who can make up the 
machine to your spec. Preferably someone you
can trust.

Specify that you may need to add a second 
Hard drive later.

hope this (in conjunction with the other posts) helps

andy butler