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Re: Chords (was Adrenalinn)

Rick said:
>Not to be a stickler but you wrote:
>"the violin is tuned openly in fifths (e.g., d-a-d-a)"
>I believe this is an open D tuning and NOT a tuning in fifths.    Tuning 
>fifths would be   d-a-e-c wouldn't it?

My bad!  You're absolutely right.  I should have clarified that.  I didn't 
think of it as meaning "progressing in fifths" (d-a-e-c).  I guess it 
would be more of an "open" tuning, so that each pair of the four strings 
is tuned in the same relationship of tonic to fifth (d-a-d-a).

Some Indian violinists have added an additional fifth string which is 
tuned to the octave above the higher of the two 'D' strings, and this is 
often plucked with the pinkie of the left hand to imitate the "chikari" 
(rhythm/drone) strings on instruments like sitar, sarod and vina.  It 
serves as a sort of "punctuation mark" between phrases in the slower 
sections and is also used for rhythmic emphasis in faster playing.

I've also seen one or two violinists who have added sympathetic strings to 
the violin as well (like those on the Renaissance viola d'amore or the 
Norwegian hardanger fiddle).  There is also the great crossover artist, L. 
Shankar, who plays an electric, double-necked violin of his own design 
which (via octave dividers) can reproduce the ranges of violin, viola, 
cello and bass.

>yours,  not an expert, but a good editor,   :-)   rick walker (loop.pool)

Definitely!  Thanks for noticing this and pointing it out.  Good catch!