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Re: G4 and digi001? (was O.T. Computers)

i have used digi001 and mac systems for a couple of years now. they are 
real stable and the audio (convertors aside) is very pristine. better 
than the 24mix systems for audio quality. the software is very intuitive 
(to me) and more logical than many others that i've tried...  i also 
have the portable MOTU system ( and 828 and a g4 laptop...) and it has 
it's strong points but is not as logical or powerful as the protools 
set-up. having said that, i do think that the digidesign people are 
pretty snobby (not the tech folks, but the powers at the top) and i get 
the opposite feeling from motu.. they are very low to the ground and 
open to suggestions... my .02..


ric hordinski


On Thursday, April 11, 2002, at 12:42 PM, Richard Zvonar wrote:

> At 8:27 AM -0700 4/11/02, Evan Meyers wrote:
>> does anyone use the digi001?
> I use a Digi 001 in a PowerMac G4/500. I've recorded to an internal IDE 
> drive and I recently bought a Firewire drive and am using that. I'm 
> able to play back up to 24 tracks at 16/44.1 from either drive. I 
> haven't tested the performance limits with many tracks at 24/48, but 
> I'm presently working with that file format and recording four tracks 
> at once.
> The Digi 001 hardware is fine, as long as you don't need to record at a 
> higher rate than 48kHz. It's easy to use, with a pair of XLR/TRS inputs 
> and headphone output on the front panel and the rest of the analog I/O 
> on the back. The ADAT lightpipe connectors are on the PCI card itself, 
> which can be a little kludgy. My only other complaint is that because 
> Inputs 1 and 2 are on the front panel they are omitted from the rear 
> panel. I'd rather they were duplicated.
> My principal softwares are Pro Tools LE 5.1 and Peak 3.0, though I have 
> a number of other programs that work well with the Digi hardware. I 
> have a lot of plug-ins including Waves, GRM Tools, Metric Halo's 
> Channel Strip, Speed, and others.
> For MIDI sequencing I use Digital Performer. I haven't worked with the 
> audio feature of DP yet. Previously I worked mainly in Studio Vision 
> (which by the way is now freeware). Many people prefer Cubase or Logic.
> I've also amassed a collection of software synths, mainly those from 
> Native Instruments. These are great, but I haven't done any serious 
> work with them.
> I bought this system about a year and a half ago, and my decision was 
> based primarily on the fact that two of my musical collaborators 
> already had this system. File interchange was therefore simplified. By 
> working with Pro Tools LE I also have easy file interchange with 
> full-on Pro Tools TDM systems, though I haven't needed to do that yet.
> I'm considering at some point changing to Nuendo and RME hardware. The 
> Nuendo software seems to be much more intuitive and efficient than Pro 
> Tools, and it supports VST plug-ins. The RME hardware offers 96kHz at a 
> good price.
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