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Re: why i don't use a search engine for info...

> But more importantly, amen to that brother.  I've
> got a good friend that
> constantly emails me questions about stuff that he
> could easily find via
> google.  A lot of the time, my answers are postings
> of search engine results.
> Now, why is he afraid of searching himself?  I don't
> know, but it sure is
> annoying.  This list is an incredible wealth of
> information, but you're better
> off doing some of the work yourself before hitting
> up the list.

i did the work myself at first and the best answer i
found for this sort of stuff...via search engines and
the like...was this list!

not knocking either of you guys for having such a nice
bank of knowledge...but why are you so annoyed that
people seek your advice on things that can take you 2
seconds to answer, but others much longer?

there are many different ways to find answers, but the
best kinds of answers come from sources that you can
ask follow up questions to...and come to a complete
understanding about.

a bit unclear of the purpose for these lists,
e v a n

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