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Re: Multiple, sequenced delay lines...can it be done?

Hi Dave-

The EDP will do this, if you use multiple loops and the proper
quantization settings.  See Kim's message from the archives for the
basics of where to start:


It's just a matter of adding a MIDI sequencer of some type, and you're
in business.  A search of the archives for "samplerstyle" may reveal
other pertinent info.

The Repeater will do the same type of thing, but with it you're limited
to four loops as opposed to the EDP's nine.  However, you can play all
four loops at once if you wish.

I think the DL4 will also allow you have four synchronous loops. 


> Greetings, loopers...I've been satisfied for a long while with a single
> 10-sec delay line with foot-pedal input volume and feedback control for 
> Min.Daily Req. of looped audio. But lately, I've been fantasizing about
> having multiple delay lines available, with their delay times sync'ed and
> their output sequenced so that instead of all sounding simultaneously, 
> kind of audio router or sequencer would cycle between their outputs, also
> in sync with the delay time...in other words, delay lines with timed gaps
> in their output that could be syncronised so that when one is off, 
> is on, etc...
> No doubt this is a rudimentary looper's wish, already more than fulfilled
> with the edp or repeater, but I've kinda been overwhelmed with the length
> and complexity of the disussions on these devices so far, and haven't
> noticed that anybody is talking about using them in exactly this way. Am 
> wrong? Anybody have any suggestions on how to do this? I've been 
> that a Kyma system, or a Switchblade plus computer sequencer, could do it
> easily, but is it necessary to spend so much?
> Appreciate any ponters!
> Thanks...
> David Coffin