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Re: Rather urgent EDP footpedal question

i had some trouble while i was making an edp switch and it turned out to be
a bad contact at the jack.

1/4" cables and jacks actually have a very small contact point for the hot 
you might try cramolin...

if you don't have any handy, you could test if this is the problem by 
the pedal case and connecting the wires directly (bypassing the jack)

another thing you might try, though i think it an unlikely fix,
is lifting the ground from the case (using a plastic bezel on the jack)

> When tapping the insert button repeatedly and quickly, the EDP
> occasionally goes into multiply mode, and much less occasionally engages
> Overdub.  Also sporadically, Multiply will be completely un-responsive
> to the footpedal hits for several seconds at a time.
> ...
> Many thanks,
> --Andre