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Re: Stretchy loops

> From: Andre LaFosse <altruist@altruistmusic.com>
Great stuff, Andre, I love these techniques.
Another thing I just discovered yesterday is, you can set an EDP to delay
mode and get something you like happening, then, while it's playing, change
to loop mode -- and the loop you created in delay mode will continue
playing, only now you're in loop mode!  Very good for creating something 
then soloing over it.
> One very powerful way of playing with time within loops in an EDP is
> setting quantize=off, and ending multiply with record.  This lets you
> COMPLETELY redefine the length of a loop, from ANY point within that
> loop to ANY other point (within the initial press of multiply and the
> ending press of record); it lets you take any fragment within a larger
> loop and turn it into a new loop/cycle.  Very useful for turning rubato
> loops into highly rhythmic ones (or vica versa!)
> Another thing I've been doing a lot of lately has been, as Steve
> suggested, taking a loop with a lot of random, abstract, seemingly
> arhythmic stuff in it, and then trying to deduce where the pulse would
> be in that, and overdubbing a very straightforward and obvious rhythmic
> pulse under that.