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Art Ultrafoot vs Behringer or others...

Has anyone had any success using the Art X-5 Ultrafoot
as a controller for the Repeater....  I  have one that has been
in the closet for 10 years.....  I have to check the docs, but
I believe it is totally programmable.....  sounds a bit like the

SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:

> Finally got hold of the FCB1010 from Behringer.
> Solid looking machine, mainly metal construction.
> 68x22cm footprint.
> 10 midiswitches, 2 Expression pedals.
> Checked for latency with EDP , its OK!!!
> The switches are easy to press, by footswitch standards,
> obviously not as easy as the dedicated EDP switches,
> but quite a small amount of movement to activate .
> Pedals use a light sensitive system, so should be reliable.
> ..and can be recalibrated if you know the secret sequence.
> pedals feel fine, easy to move and stay in place.
> Each MIDI switch can send 5 prog Change, 2 CC, 1 note On-Off,
> and also defines which CC is sent (if any) by the pedals (and pedal range
> also).
> that make 10 "functions".
> ...and also 2 relays ( 1/4 in jack sockets) are either open or closed.
> and there's 10 banks, so that's 100 programs
> dedicated up/down switches for bank select.
> No wall wart
> so that's the good news.
> bad news follows.
> MIDI channel is assignable GLOBALLY for each function.
> so, for instance:-
> prog change 1 is always on the same channel
> (but you have 5 prog changes, so 5 possible channels)
> Each CC limited to one channel (so only 2 channels)
> Each expression pedal has a channel assigned.
> Note On-0ff on one channel only.
> The channels can be changed at will for each function.
> ..but you have to hold down a switch while powering up.
> So Behringers claims about programming everything with your feet
> are misleading.
> Programming is generally time consuming and not intuitive.
> Downside of the 10 functions thing is that if you want to
> use a pedal all the time, you have to program it into
> every switch that you use.
> there is no provision to send a second CC when the footswitch is released
> programming requires a "long press" of 2.5 seconds.
> which is a "very long time" .
> a bit of physical hum comes from the transformer,
> probably not enough to matter.
> the design concept behind this is to have one press
> to get you the sound you want, setting up all your
> gear in a flash, and including a couple of pedals each
> conected to its dedicated device.
> It's not really set up for interaction and control of
> a single device.
> Particularly you can't really program a different bank
> for each device and use all the features for that device.
> ...because you can't program channel change without
> getting down on the floor.
> But as a controller for a looper, it's by far the best option
> currently available (that I know).
> To get better functionality, you'd need a desktop unit,
> (and then you'd want this pedal to control it).
> The price is 110 GBP , so probably $199 or so in the states.
> As a controller for the EDP, its OK for basic stuff,
> and the 2 pedals are excellent .
> (although remember you always need an analog pedal for input vol)
> You can't program 2 Note-Ons at once for "clever functions".
> You can't use the CCs to control, unless you use up both CCs and
> specifically program a LongPress or ShortPress.
> Using 2 EDPs, you'd have to edit the MIDI channel on the EDPs to
> control them separately.
> But once the new Loop4 software for EDP comes out this
> pedal will really expand the EDP possibilities.
> (watch this space)
> andy butler