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OT Re: Tape Op Magazine Take 3

Greg House wrote:

> --- lance glover <baumhaus@earthlink.net> wrote:
> > not to start a tapeop debate here, but i don't see larry crane's
> > editorial
> > viewpoint arguing for adats/mackie somehow equivalent to SSL's and
> > studers.
> Of course, you're right. Larry's one of the analog guys. <grin> My
> example with ADATs wasn't really a very good one.
> Perhaps I didn't articulate what I was trying to say very well. It was
> basically that over the last couple of years of reading TapeOp, it just
> gives me an overall feeling that they want to overly emphasize the
> lo-fi aspect of things.
> Creativity is an excellent thing. But nothing is going to make my
> basement sound like the Record Plant. It just wasn't designed for that.

> >...i think the focus is more on the
> > debate about how much control/creativity/intelligence can be brought
> > to the recording experience without succumbing to the status quo of
> > places like the record plant, which, god love it, probably doesn't
> > have the time or interest to try out some of the more novel
> > approaches one typically finds in the pages of tapeop...
> Not meaning to insult you, Lance, but this is exactly the kind of
> statement that I'm complaining about from TapeOp, the insinuation that
> if you have great tools and a great space, you're somehow going to be
> less creative and more "status quo" then if you don't. I think a
> creative person will do creative work no matter where they work....


of course YOU'RE right. where one works (or how many
neumanns/neves/pultecs/vintage les pauls/portastudios/radio shack
pzm's/noisy stomp boxes/casios, etc. one has access to) has little if
anything to do with one's creativity. i shouldn't generalize so. i guess i
get caught up in the indie credo myself from time to time, only because i
personally can't afford to book a two-week stint at places like the record
plant! i lust for great tools and a great space like most everyone on this
list (and probably the vast majority of the readers of tapeop as well).
but these things don't make great music by themselves...if some people are
starting to learn to record well with fewer means (and in most cases, that
means a lot more today than it did 10 or even 5 years ago, with so much
technology getting so much cheaper) then by the time they can afford the
really good stuff, they'll be that much better. at least that's my theory.
i think it's a really exciting time to be making music...

lance g.