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I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkk !

Ok, it's been.... ummm some months since I've been in the "Loop", but hard
times, economics and the lack of an ISP has caused me to lapse !!!! Oh, for
those who don't know me, it is I Dj Devious D ! (The man who loves Sonic
Foundry ACID 3.0).
I have not written anything or visited Loppers Delight since October, so
please bear with me.
I have just been hit with a barrage of emails from the group, so I am gonna
go through that, just to see where the group's head is at.
I like to say "Wuz Up !!! and Props to my Gurl (G- with URL attached.. I
made this one up....) Kim Flint !!!! Last time I was in the group, there 
a BIG thread on the echoplex... that did not STOP.
Anybody out there just a Software Based Looper (ACID, Orion Pro, Fruity
Loops or Mixman )? Hit me up an email.
Well, back in the day, we used to say "peace in the middle east", as a
salutation, but that's not cutting it, so how about this old standard 
and hairgrease" ?