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Re: fripp lag accumulator

In a message dated 17/04/02 23:30:24 GMT Daylight Time, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com writes:

> 1. Is there a diagram (besides Eno's Discreet Music jacket) that 
> detail how to to put one of these together?
>  2. Is there something specific to Revoxes that make them ideal for this 
> process? Is it necessary to use Revoxes or will Teacs work as well? 
>  Thanks,
>  Marcus

If you can't get Revoxes, then anything will do.
Don't have to be matching (it may help though)
Just as long as the speeds match up.
I've even done this with a mono ferrograph (valve) deck
and a teac 4-track.

..and remember, one of the decks will always be slightly faster
that the other. So this needs to be the deck where the tape

The varispeed to be found on the later Revoxes 
(not the A77 although its a common mod)
means you don't
have to worry about this, and you can set the looptime without 
moving the decks about.

Mr. Fripp used one tape channel for his long delay, and the 
other as an echo effect to fill out the sound
( feed playback head back to record, but 
just on one deck,)

andy butler