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Re: Looper vs. Delay?( was: Re: what do loopers do when they'renot looping?)

At 2:07 PM -0700 4/18/02, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>"Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T)" wrote:
>>  In terms of gear, I'm more drawn to echo than to loop and capture 
>>  --
>That's interesting that you make that distinction.  I'd say I probably 
>my feedback set to 75% or less about 75% of the time, acutally using the
>Repeater as a very long digital delay synched via MIDI.  Taking the 
>out of record stops the decay of the loop, so those are the times I'll 
>between soloing over the loop and mangling the loop with a Vortex or 
>Mark Sottilaro

It seems straight-forward to me. I like to keep playing stuff (lately 
usually evolving loops from my Nord), and have it go into the delays 
and fall away. I don't find myself (at least lately) drawn to using 
the JamMan as a capture and overdubbing device.


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