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4/20: o p e nnnn l o oo ooo ppppp

I'm back!

open loop apparently went very well last week without me...
shows how redundant I am.  (redundant, am I?)

the loop continues this Saturday, starting at 2pm and not 1pm,
with some of the regulars and anyone who might drop in.

(Regulars include David Beardsley, Harry Esq, Pedro Felix,
Jeremy Halpern, Tobi Joi, Stv Jns, Grace Period, Lena

    open loop is live electronic looping of live
    and electronic instruments.

    open loop is every Saturday afternoon from 2 pm to 7 pm
    at Chama, 332 east 4th street, between c & d,
    New York City.  http://loopNY.com, $2 suggested donation.


(by the way, I'm listening to DAT tapes of the early
open loop sessions as I write this and they are making
me very happy to be alive... /t)

http://loopNY.com ......................An "open loop": shows every 
http://whatGoes.com/submit .......................... submit to the