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Greetings, and a question about sampling/chopping

Hey all... just joined the list, so I hope I'm not posting on a really
redundant subject....

I'm wondering about assigning loops/samples to keyboards while working in
I'm looking for a way (plug-in) that I can chop up a loop and assign it to
the keys. It's easy enough to do in Reason, but it's a pain to keep going
back and forth from program to program. I know SONAR 2 has rewire so you 
stick a Dr. Rex sampler right into a track, but it'll be a long time before
I can afford Sonar2.

I know this functionality can't entirely be reserved for CREATIVE's
soundfont format, but I haven't yet been able to find something to fit my

Relevant info if needed:
PC,P3 at 800 mHz, M-Audio Delta 66 with Omni I/O, evolution MIDI 
Sonar XL.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Shawn Mayer