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Re: Can you keep private emails off the list?

mark-you were being serious? hey lighten up loopstock brotha-mistake
schmistake-there was nothing of the kind. i think all posts concerning us
looper people is relevant and fun to read,discuss,putdown, and surely not
'wrong'when it concerns one or some of we...
jus chimin in

> We've all (well maybe not all) made this mistake (I have), it just seems 
> it's reached epidemic proportions.  Just trying to help make the list
> streamlined and fun, as it mostly is.
> Mark Sottilaro
> ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> In a message dated 4/19/02 8:15:10 AM, magicicada@charter.net writes:
>>> it is rather ironic that there is more mails about this
>>>> subject than there are actual 'private mails'
>> Okay, okay. Public flogging accepted . . . or do I have to do sit in the
>> stocks in the town square for a while too wearing a pointed dunce cap
>> and a sign around my neck saying "bandwidth waster"?
>> Sorry! My mistake. I just happened to see a post from Hans on the list
>> and it reminded me that I should e-mail him. Unthinkingly, I simply 
>> to his LD e-mail and changed the subject line. I had no idea that anyone
>> would be so offended nor that the crime was so grievous. Honestly,
>> I really did not think about it . . . so I guess that makes it an act of
>> "thoughtlessness" for which I sincerely apologize.
>> So I guess I am guilty of "B" a little from time to time. I've been 
>> daily into the wee hours for the last 10 days (and one all-nighter in 
>> too) trying to make a deadline. I was tired and wasn't thinking 
>> Enough of my excuses though. Please accept my apologies. It's an
>> oversight that I am not likely to make again (lets hope) anytime soon.
>> So, unless there are a few more of you who want to kick me while I'm
>> down. I thought the poster quoted above had made a good observation.
>> Truly chastised,
>> Ted Killian