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Re: Multiple instruments

Well, if you've got a mixer, you can plug as many instruments into a 
looper as you have imputs for, but if you're looking for each instrument 
to have it's own track, then I don't think there's anything out there 
other than the Repeater for that.  Unless you'd like to have multiple 
synched Echoplexes.  The Echoplex is mono, as is the Repeater if you're 
using each track separately, or  you can choose to use tracks in two 
stereo pairs, as I do.  The great thing about the Echoplex and the 
Repeater is they will synch to MIDI, very nice if you're working with 
sequencers/drum machines/computers.

Lot's more on the LD site. (see tools of the trade)

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, at 06:23  PM, Jon ...... wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to this board.
> My question:
> I am looking into playing live via a loop effect using a 4 track mixer 
> running guitar, bass, electronic drums, and vocals, all running through 
> the loop effect.
> I am researching which loop effect would be best for this. So far I 
> have run into the Boss R-C loop station, and the boomerang. Which is 
> better for this application?
> Also, do I need stereo? I understand that another problem will arise 
> concerning speakers and PA.
> This is all new to me, so I would appreciate any and all advice.
> Thanks a lot,
> Jon
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