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Fwd from Paul Dresher: Sound Stage in San Francisco, April 17-28

Hi folks, the following is from Paul Dresher, well-known composer and 
looper and occasional LD member.

The piece he is performing here employs three EDP's, which he doesn't 
mention in the blurb below. It is a rare opportunity to see Paul doing his 
looping, so if you are in the area you may want to try to attend.

sorry I didn't forward it sooner, but I was a little preoccupied lately 
rather forgot myself! But there are shows April 25-28, which I'm hoping to 
make it to.


>RE:     Sound Stage in San Francisco, April 17-28
>Please forgive this intrusive  non-personal e-mail but as usual of late
>around here, we've not gotten any press support for this upcoming event so
>I'm resorting to this e-mail to help get the word out, in case you haven't
>received a mailer or other form of communication about Sound Stage.  Below
>is the information about our upcoming performances in San Francisco.
>I started working on this piece back in 1996 and finally premiered it last
>summer in Minneapolis.  In it I've tried to combine all the threads of my
>music-making background: experimental opera/music theater, chamber music,
>musical instrument invention, and electro-acoustic music.  I think we've
>made some very unusual in this collaborative process and I hope you'll
>consider coming.  Surprisingly, it's also a program that is good for kids
>and families, particularly the Sunday afternoon matinees, when we will do 
>shorter version of the piece and also invite the audience up on stage to
>play the instruments after the show.  If you want to check out 
>and sound on the piece, check our web site at:
>Paul Dresher
>Press Release:
>Presents the Bay Area Premiere of
>S O U N D   S T A G E
>Conceived and composed by Paul Dresher
>Text and Direction by Rinde Eckert
>Instruments designed and built by Daniel Schmidt and Paul Dresher
>Lighting and Visual Design by Alex Nichols
>Sound Design by Greg Kuhn
>Performed by Paul Dresher and the Minneapolis-based new music ensemble
>April 17 - 28, 2002 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum,
>701 Mission St, San Francisco
>Tickets:  415/978-2787
>April 17-20 & April 25-27 8PM
>Special Family Matinees Sunday April 21 & 28th at 2 PM
>        " Forget the drum circle, forget the hurdy-gurdy.  This beats them
>all ... It's a musical jungle gym - every square inch playable ... 80
>minutes of non-stop performance ... Works such as this are the future of
>the arts: a cross-pollination of music, visual art and theater limited 
>by the imagination."  Minneapolis Star Tribune
>SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2002-Sound Stage, an extraordinary new work that
>explores the means and meaning of music making, will be presented by the
>Paul Dresher Ensemble in its Bay Area premiere at The Forum at Yerba Buena
>Center for the Arts from Wed., April 17 - 28, 2002.  Conceived and 
>by Paul Dresher with direction and text by Rinde Eckert, Sound Stage is
>performed by Dresher and the members of the Minneapolis-based new music
>ensemble, Zeitgeist.
>         Sound Stage was commissioned by Zeitgeist, the Walker Art Center,
>and Helena Presents, and the highly-acclaimed World Premiere was given in
>Minneapolis in June, 2001. The piece takes audiences on a journey through
>new sounds and sights, traditional instrumental virtuosity, deadpan
>physical humor, vivid lighting design and a spare text that finds the
>poetry in physics and the mystery in music's emotional power.
>         The elegant visual centerpiece of the work designed and 
>by Dresher and Daniel Schmidt, is a 17 1/2 foot rolling A-frame with two 
>foot pendulums swinging on either side. Every surface of this 
>creation produces sound, and the performers can move both within and
>without, playing a variety of new and traditional instruments.
>At the end of the 80-minute performance, the audience is welcomed on the
>stage to explore the instruments with the assistance of the designers and
>performers, creating their own music in an impromptu musical playground 
>both children and adults.

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