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Re: what are YOU hoping to do with looping

i like looping because it makes me dizzy. i like being dizzy. codeine
makes me dizzy. i like codeine. ergo, looping is a narcotic. i like

the gear is just utilitarian.


Evan Meyers wrote:

> > ** re people talking more about gear. i think it
> > comes down to the fact that
> > it's easier to do that - - it's less subjective than
> > music is. (i've tried
> > to get people to talk about music and what they want
> > to with looping or what
> > they see themselves "becoming" in terms of the gear
> > and have not really
> > gotten too many answers.)
> >
> > stig
> >
> let's try this one instead...being that several folks
> have shown me that this debate is like debating
> religion or the existence of god...there just is no
> right answser...just a belief/opinion system...
> i'll give it a shot...