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Re: delay question / Vortex?

Ah, for stereo and cheap, I think the Vortex might be the only thing, I'm
afraid.  What about putting stereo processing on the output of your looper 
fake it?  Guitar's don't usually have stereo outputs anyway.  The JamMan 
you can probably pick up used cheaply at this point) has stereo in and 
out, but
it's FAKE!  It passes stereo, but sums both channels of the loop and spits 
out both outputs.

Hope this helps.


allison carvalho wrote:

> Oh-
> I'm sorry about my last post, but I wanted to get a stereo in and out
> looper. I still think that the Vortex would accomplish what I need but if
> there is anyone with knowledge about this device I would really 
> any help. I'm using a guitar synth and want to combine the stereo 
>effects of
> the synth with the stereo effects of a looper, but again, the EDP and
> Repeaters are just too much for me to get into right now.
> Basically (the funny part), I am getting this thing for one peice of 
> (!) The peice requires a single note e-bow drone (for 10 minutes- no
> degradation) over which choir-like chords are played after the drone is 
> Even though the Vortex has a small delay time, I was hoping that could be
> pull this effect off with it, by playing the low drone, turning the loop 
> at the volume peak of the drone, and then relasing the loop without any
> attack.
> The question then becomes the all important bump issue- is there any?
> If there are any Vortex users out there who could tell me if it is  
> to do what I'm asking - I would really appreciate it. I can't try one, 
> there are few things written on this group and on the web about it's 
> ability in regards to drones.
> Again, thank you for your invaluble droning input ;)
> Alli
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