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Re: delay question / Vortex?

With my Vortex I assign the expression pedal to morph on all my patches- no
matter what user patch I go to the expression works on Morph- I'm not sure
if you are trying to do something different than this-

As for finding them there are 2 on Ebay right now. Not too hard really IMO.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Greg House" <ghunicycle@yahoo.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 2:35 PM
Subject: Re: delay question / Vortex?

> --- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> > Ah, for stereo and cheap, I think the Vortex might be the only thing,
> The Vortex will definitely do seamless drones. You'd want to have the
> expression pedal and morph between a delay with no feedback and with
> with 100% feedback. I've used mine this way. I think Andy's Vortex
> application page has notes on using the Vortex as a "sample & hold"
> delay.
> There are several things about the Vortex that might not make it ideal
> for this. First off, it's an odd bird, an unusual device. It takes
> awhile to learn to use it, and even then you probably want to keep the
> manual around so you can remember the effect algorithms. The expression
> pedal can't be "permanently" assigned, you have to press a front panel
> button to enable it every time you change presets. It only has 16 user
> presets. It doesn't have midi control, can't sync to another device,
> that sort of thing.
> It's been discontinued for many years, might be hard to find one. If
> you do find one, it might not be reliable. This goes for Jamman too.
> That said, the Vortex can make some wild sounds. Like nothing else. But
> if you just want to sample & hold a droning note, it's way more then
> you want or need.
> >  What about putting stereo processing on the output of your
> > looper to fake it?  Guitar's don't usually have stereo outputs
> > anyway.
> This was the question I was thinking too. There isn't anything
> implicitly stereo about a single note ebow drone from a guitar. If
> there's stereo processing you use on it, put it after the Headrush and
> you have a cheap solution.
> > The JamMan (which
> > you can probably pick up used cheaply at this point)
> I donno about that. I don't see too many of 'em for sale used, and the
> prices are still around $350. Unless you have better sources then I can
> find, it might be a search.
> The Line6 DL4 will definitely give you a glitch at the end of the loop.
>  I don't think it does it every time, but I used one for awhile and
> remember hearing that sometimes. It didn't bug me 'cause the glitch
> noise kind of worked with what I was doing.
> I don't remember ever hearing end of loop glitches with my Repeater,
> but I wouldn't say it doesn't ever do that, I haven't been doing that
> much material where I'd notice it lately.
> Greg
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