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Re: newbie needing advice

--- Lindsay Caron <lindsay@redrockradio.com> wrote:

> My point...how do I start?
> I'm broke and need to know which piece of equipment will most benefit
> me for my buck.  I need at least three different inputs, one for a
> microphone, one for keys and guitar.  

You'll need a mixer, as I haven't seen any looping devices with that
many inputs.

> I need to beable to have atleast 6 different 
> tracks playing at a time, and need optional decay. 

Tough order. The Repeater provides the most number of simultaneous
tracks per loop (4), but they all have to be the same length. This may
be enough to do what you want, since it offers overdubbing on any track
and 1 level of undo (erase the last thing you recorded), so you could
put on an overdub & erase it. You can also copy loops while they're
playing, to save a particular setting, then cue to play the old one
after you want to eliminate what you've added (it'll still be there,
you could come back to it).

If you really do need 6 tracks, you could sync two Repeaters with midi.
That would give you 8 (mono) tracks.

> Sorry if I am using 
> innappropriate terms; I'm just discovering the world of looping.

Decay on the Repeater is known as feedback. I believe EDP uses that
term too. 

Have fun shopping.


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