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Re: Live MIDI Loops

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bill Fox" <billfox@fast.net>
> I'm not familiar with the Triton's sequencer and you failed to mention
> you're using for the multichannel MIDI sequnce(r?).  How do you (and
> loop MIDI live?  I've considered Techno Toys' SEQ303 software on my

I have not gotten it working yet, but here is what I am trying to do.  The
Triton has an 16 track sequencer built-in.  In theory you can make a 
and have it keep looping, while overdubbing the other 15 channels.  Each
channel can use a different patch, though there is some effect sharing.

Underneath the MIDI loops I am using an EDP for an audio loop.  I have
succeeded (I think) in getting it to generate MIDI clocks in sync with the
loop.  You have to tell it in advance how many beats long the loop is, but
that is fairly easy to set up.

I find myself starting off with an audio doumbek loop, adding some keyboard
layers (which I would like to do as MIDI for control), then adding Chapman
Stick and throat singing.  I am not doing techno kinds of stuff like using
preprogrammed 303 patterns or drum machine patterns.  I perform everything
that goes into the loop live.