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Re: this nagging virus problem

>3 viruses in 3 days from this list.
>anyone else having this problem?

Yes.  What happens is my computer has sent out a file attachment to 
at least one person, someone I don't even know.  The message title 
was something like "Hey, check this out."  The person who received it 
is a computer specialist of some kind who is NOT on this list 
(Loopers Delight), but he tracked it to this list.  I also received 
one that my computer wouldn't let me open from someone I know called 
"notice of meeting."  Of course, none of these show up in the 
messages sent files of the originating computer.

Michael Yoder

Michael S. Yoder, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Studies
Texas A&M International University
Department of Social Sciences
5201 University Blvd.
Laredo, TX  78041
(956) 326-2634   FAX (956) 326-2459