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Re: this nagging virus problem

At 07:27 AM 4/26/2002, anti:clockwise wrote:
>3 viruses in 3 days from this list.
>anyone else having this problem?

so far as I can tell, no viruses have been sent *through* the list. Are 
sure about that? Check the headers carefully. Perhaps it is somebody on 
list who happens to have list members in their address book and the virus 
is spamming those people directly? If you think one of them did go through 
the list, I would appreciate it if you could send it to me with the FULL 
header so I can track what happened.

FWIW, I've been receiving more idiot virus mails lately than usual, 
although I've been getting them constantly for about a year. They come 
all over the place. I long ago shut off all mailer features that run 
scripts, spawn browsers, download stuff automatically, etc. Plus I use 
Eudora, which seems to have better ability to avoid these problems than 
outlook, which is the program most of the viruses target anyway. If you do 
use outlook, make sure you have all the latest security patches. But your 
best prevention is you. Don't open attachments if you don't know who sent 
it or what it is.


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